My Ninth Rezday portrait, and a look back to my first photo

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  • Rebbeca Baldwin
    2/23/2015 9:19:47 AM
    Good to see other oldbies showing their original avies. Anyone that complains about the modern Sl avie,take a look,this is as good as it got back then. It's a small wonder that any of us stayed,lol
  • Marianne McCann
    2/23/2015 7:47:40 PM
    Absolutely, Rebecca. We're leaps and bounds past what once was "best." So many improvements.
  • Phinn Boffin
    2/26/2015 11:07:19 PM
    Happy Rezday!!!
  • Marianne McCann
    3/4/2015 9:15:40 PM
    Thanks, Phinn!