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  • Forseti Svarog
    10/27/2005 11:37:33 PM
    welcome back
  • ReallyRick Metropolitan
    10/28/2005 1:12:27 AM
    Hey Hey Cris! Glad you are safe and back up and running!
  • Torley Torgeson
    10/28/2005 1:46:31 AM
    And documented on his very own Snapzilla!
  • Cory Edo
    10/28/2005 10:29:59 AM
    ..and he's STILL by the water. Jesus man, move to Nebraska!
  • Katja Marlowe
    10/28/2005 11:30:58 AM
    Hey! I'm in Nebraska. We are pretty landlocked. :O
  • Barnesworth Anubis
    10/28/2005 4:07:08 PM
    Even better, move to colorado, it may get kind of cold, but I will keep you warm ;-)